BEOFFICIAL Presents Lemons On Fire

      Walking downstairs to the Heart of It All headquarters, I was met by beats bouncing off the walls, clouds of smoke and Sean, LeRon and Brian (aka Seany D, Ron Whistles & Beez #1); the trio that makes up BEOFFICIAL.

      BEOFFICIAL, a collective who met while attending the University of Akron in 2009; masters in fashion, videography, music, production and events. Ron and Sean, long time childhood friends who grew up in the heart of Dayton, ventured not to far from home for college where they met Beez #1 a Cincinnati native, on their first day. Beez #1 who kept to himself for the most part during his first semester, revealed his talents as a rapper which lead to the trio often freestyling and eventually recording at Ron and Sean’s in home studio. After their introduction to Garageband software, the childhood duo started recording songs and invited Beez #1 to join them once they realized that his rap skills were nothing short of high caliber. This time spent together freestyling, throwing house parties and making a mixtape led to the creation of BEOFFICIAL.


      Photos By Ryan Jones

     In a effort to seriously dedicate their time to their various crafts BEOFFICIAL began to travel, with California becoming their second home. While they found it hard to find venues and network in Columbus, they found a lane for them to create their own studio space to have events. They stumbled upon a open space on High Street in Columbus, where they set up A Very Rare Shop, where they were could choose the nights they could have events, profit from bar sells and overall make their own decisions. They thank the people who didn’t believe in their vision, because it pushed them to self create and become a powerhouse. A powerhouse that feeds off of each other’s talent’s and pushes each other to learn each other’s craft.


Photo By Wesley Fauver

For more on BEOFFICIAL check out their website and social media:

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    Photo By Wesley Fauver

 Sean whose role includes facilitating and networking for the collective, as well as his biggest venture, his music. While he is well versed in graphic design and videography his main focus is the music. Initially attending college for design, he found his passion for music and began to dedicate all of his time to his newfound craft. Beez #1 who attributes the music to the heart and soul of BEOFFICIAL, finds they are able to treat all of their talents as equals. He now experiments with filming and has plans to write and film a movie of his own in the future. While his raping and production talents have not been forgotten, if you hear “I Made The Beat Nigga” in front of your favorite song you’ll know it’s him. Ron, the whistles with gold teeth and a love for Backwoods, is focusing on his videography and music.

     While the group focuses a lot of their time on expanding their talents, they also help run a non-profit organization called a A Very Rare Shop in Los Angeles, California with Sean's brother Jam & his girlfriend Sea. The non-profit allows them to revisit their event planning roots, which started with house parties and block parties in Akron and Columbus. They were introduced to block parties by Jam during their senior year of high school and the interest in parties birthed Official Boiz Ent. They took the idea to Akron, where a friend of theirs encountered gun violence during a party, which forced them to take everything they were working on more serious.


   Photo By Ryan Jones

      In their new project Lemon’s On Fire, an experiment of their talents Beez #1 calls it will debut very soon. The project focuses on elements of fashion, music and videography and finds symbolism in the color of a flame for each member; yellow, orange, red, and blue showcasing BEOFFICIAL as a collective. All of the apparel is designed and hand painted by Beez #1 and the sets were built and painted by the team at a friends wood shop called Griffen Hollow Studio. While the pieces from the project are customized to fit the mood of each colored set, there will be basic merchandise to accompany the collection. This new project served as a release and way to move past their creative roadblock, and eventually they were able to return their focus back to the projects they struggled with.

    With their upcoming move to LA, they will be releasing more musical projects including tapes to align with each Lemons On Fire drop. For now they would like to focus on releasing Lemons On Fire the right way for them and continuing their focus on music, while letting any other projects manifest naturally.