Eskimo Season Is Forever


Last year a vibrant iced blue Monte Carlo could be seen in the streets of Columbus, Ohio. The car, a significant asset to Martrise Maddox-Suddith and a true representation of the dubbed “Eskimo” himself. Martrise an entrepreneur and alumni of Kentucky State University, had a vision - a clothing brand inspired by his moniker, Eskimo Apparel.

On May 26th, what would have been Martrise’s twenty-fifth year around the sun, his family and friends celebrated his life. With laughter, smiles and positive light, trumping the shadows of losing a loved one, those closest to him gathered to not only celebrate the impact of his life, but the launch of his brand. Paris Maddox, Martise’s mother, with the help and support of his sister Trinaise and a host of friends and family worked endlessly to see Eskimo Apparel come into fruition.


The brand launch for many was the first look at the array of of t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops and even leggings sporting the the words “Eskimo Season”. Further emphasizing the icey aesthetic was an igloo with “Est.1993” - Martrise’s birth year, crested over the body of the igloo. Walking into the venue, you couldn’t miss the sea of blue, black, grey, and white on every person in attendance. The large foiled balloons, reading ESKIMO overlooked the crowd and a custom igloo cake perfectly executed by local baker Dayshra Bryant drew everyone in.

Parked out front was the infamous Monte Carlo with tags reading non other than “Eskimo”. The car surrounded by family and friends taking photos in their new merchandise, and reflecting on memories. The energy was reflective of the man Martrise is and will always be remembered for. Eskimo season is here and it is here to stay, merchandise is currently available on Eskimo Apparel.

Long Live the Eskimo

In Loving Memory of Martrise Maddox-Suddith

May 26, 1993 - November 26, 2017